Data Analytics & Complex Systems (DACS)



Phase 2 Projects:

1. AI for Smart Design

2. AI for Smart Image Understanding

3. AI for Smart Discovery


Phase 1 Projects:

C-RT1.1: Robust Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) for Far Field Recordings   

C-RT1.2: Ontology-Based Text Mining from Speech Data 

C-RT2.1: Image Data Knowledge Elicitation              

C-RT2.2: Context-Aware Exploration of Image Data             

C-RT3.1: Virtual Engine Emulator by Using Data Fusion 

C-RT3.2: Intuitive Visualization of Large-Scale Data           

C-RT3.3: Automated Flow Feature Detection and Tracking on Unsteady CFD Simulation Data              

C-RT3.4: Inverse Modelling and Transfer for Virtual Engine Emulator    

C-RT3.5: Active and Incremental Learning for Virtual Engine Design      

C-RT3.6: Digital Events – Semantic Miner 

C-RT3.7: Digital Events - Data Manager 

C-RT4.1: Electro-Optical Camera Based Object Detection, Identification and Tracking at Sea 

C-RT4.2: Marine Navigational Decision Aid based upon Vessel Route Prediction from Historical Evidence 

C-RT5.1: Framework for Rapid Simulation of Complex Business Systems 

C-RT5.2: Development of a Business Process Simulation Description Language (BPSDL)