Advanced Repair and Materials (ARMS)



Materials characteristic and performance is fundamental to the development work in ARMS. This collaboration shall boost the research effort in bringing new state of the art technologies into the development of Advanced Materials, specifically in the New-Generation of Electrification Engines. This development shall also enable our capability towards supporting cross-functional RR business division’s projects in understanding complexed materials characterisation. As part of technology exploitation strategy, the programs shall eventually be transferred to the respective end-users.​​​​

Rolls-Royce is constantly investing in the development of new materials and repair technologies to remain at the forefront of power systems technology and delivering best in class for aftermarket services. Materials have always been one of the key drivers for step changes in gas turbine as well as electric motor performance, reliability and lifecycle costs.

The Advanced Repair and Material Science Inter-disciplinary Research Programme can be broadly classified into two themes: (1) repair technologies and (2) new electrical materials development. The focus of this Programme is on developing both repair technologies for Rolls-Royce’s current and next generation products, as well as advanced materials for Rolls-Royce’s future electrical machines.