Manufacturing Technology (ManTech)



Phase 2 Projects  

1. Advanced finishing of ALM internal channels 

2. Vibratory Manufacturing Process 


Phase 1 Projects  

M-RT1.1: In-Process Sensing 

M-RT1.2: Smart End-of-Arm Tooling 

M-RT1.3: Compliant Abrasive Process Model and Integrated Tool Trajectory Planning     

M-RT2.1: Non-Destructive Online Measurement of Residual Stress in Sub-Surface Processes    

M-RT2.2: Development of Smart Abrasives for Optimized Media Finishing Process       

M​-RT2.3: Advanced Finishing of Internal Channels 

M-RT2.4: Process Cycle Time Improvement in Vibratory Finishing Process  

M-RT2.5: Vibropeening Mechanisms and Influence of its Process Variables on Material Properties

M-RT3.1: Cold Spry Development for Aerospace Applications          

M-RT3.2: Localised Heat Treatment and Bell Jar Induction Brazing       

M-RT3.3: Repair of Composite Aero-Engine Structures   

M-RT3.4: Electrical Materials Development

M-RT3.5: Advanced Characterisation for Metal Cold Spray 

M-RT3.6: Directional Reflectance Microscopy of Ni and Ti Alloys        

M-RT4.2: Non-Contact Optical Techniques for Roughness Measurement of Large Flat and Curved Surfaces ​​​