Manufacturing Technology (ManTech)



The activities under ManTech include Mechanized Finishing, Media Finishing, and measurement systems. This work could greatly benefit the partnership by addressing some of the challenging issues facing RR manufacturing today. New solutions are needed urgently.

Our strategy for the next phase is to put emphasis on technologies that would be developed further in collaboration with other Rolls-Royce and NTU research partners and to concentrate our research efforts in developing technologies that will fit into strategic programmes to benefit Rolls-Royce businesses, both in Singapore and globally.

By leveraging Rolls-Royce’s expertise and NTU’s strength as a global research powerhouse, we will address challenges in the future of manufacturing capabilities in which current techniques have severe limitations. The Manufacturing Technology programme in the Rolls-Royce@NTU Corp Lab will have the key technology theme of Advanced Manufacturing Processes.

This theme will have projects in the fields of additive manufacturing, media finishing, subsurface processes, as well as assembly. These advanced processes will benefit Rolls-Royce facilities that manufacture various aero-engine components, primarily by reducing cycle time and cutting production cost.