Rolls-Royce Electrical (RRE)



Phase 1 Projects 

E-RT1.1: Intelligent Diagnostic of Marine Propulsion System 

E-RT1.2: Fault Management in Marine Networks 

E-RT1.3: Real-time ‘Hardware in the Loop’ Simulation of Marine Networks       

E-RT2.1: Advanced Control of Low Voltage (LV) Drive for Marine Applications 

E-RT2.2: Medium Voltage Converter    

E-RT3.1: Prognostic Health Monitoring of Hybrid Train System            

E-RT4.1: Embedded Machine for Hostile Environment on More Electric Engines            

E-RT5.1: High Power Density Converter (HPDC) for More Electric Engine Applications 

E-RT5.2: Modular Power Converter and Distribution System 

E-RT6.1: Intelligent Power Allocation and Scheduling       

E-RT7.1: Grid Compliance for the Land-Based Power Generators          

E-RT8.1: Novel Electrical Propulsion Concepts: Variomatic Drive Train and Low Loss Concept   

E-RT9.1 - Failure Prognosis of Electrical Machines     

E-RT9.2: Health Monitoring and Failure Prognosis of Power Electronics Systems

E-RT9.3: Wireless Networked Sensing for Fault Detection and Prognosis in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines

E-RT9.4: Bearing Degradation in Marine Environment     

E-RT10.1: High Temperature Hard Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machine  

E-RT10.2: Electromechanical Health Monitoring ​​

E-RT11.1: Waste Heat Recovery System            

E-RT12.1: Intelligent Response System for Machinery Operations

E-RT12.2: Electromechanical Interactions in Marine Systems 

E-RT13.1: Technologies for Smart Power Plant